25 Sunflower Wedding Ideas 2019

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Even though its still winter I'm thinking about this summer/ fall trends and it seems to be Sunflowers! Beautiful sunflower wedding invitations are perfect for late summer to fall weddings. They are bright and colorful flowers perfect for a rustic look or any country wedding theme! I just love them myself and would plan my wedding all over again using sunflowers. Instead, I've created a few fun invitations you can use for your wedding! Sunflowers come in all colors from light yellow to dark orange. They look wonderful with any wood background.

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Bold, chic, fun and bright as sunshine! This weddings look of burlap, twine, wood, glass and lights to decorate your country theme wedding. Learn how to add joyful sunflowers into your country chic wedding decorations, from centerpiece, wedding arch/altars, cakes, wedding aisle to bouquets

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 Find fun and unique styles to wow your guests!  It's easy to tie everything together when you pick a theme and run with it. Simple, fun, elegant and easy!

Deer Pearl Flowers


Rustic Centerpiece Credit: himisspuff

Don't forget to start your Sunflower theme with your bridal shower! 

Sunflower Country Bridal Shower Invitation

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