Winter Wonderland Wrapping Paper

Christmas Khloé Kardashian kraft poosh watercolor trees winter forest winter wonderland woodland wrapping paper

We are excited to share our wonderful experience selling one of our wrapping paper designs to Khloe Kardashian for her official 2021 season. 

You can truly understand my amazement and disbelief when I received and email requesting my design. Currently I sell wrapping paper sheets and small rolls. This is the 2nd full year of selling wrapping paper and I'm a small shop on Etsy. The order that was requested was about 10 times my normal order. This order was also right before we were leaving for a planned family vacation on a cruise ship!  Challenge accepted!

As any business owner, I worked with my print team and Khloe Kardashian's assistant to make it happen. It was difficult at times emailing back and forth while in the middle of the ocean. When my vacation was over and I was back on dry land, I put things in full gear. My print team worked over time and shipped her order 3 days ahead of schedule. I couldn't be more excited. This was such a huge success. Challenge completed!


To purchase your own Winter Wonderland wrapping paper click on the link.


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