Wrapping Paper Sheets vs Rolls

Wrapping Paper Sheets vs Rolls


Did you know, Americans spend about $3.2 billion annually on gift wrap, according to research by Hallmark.  You may see our wrapping paper sheets as expensive, ($5.80) per sheet. But when you factor the quality of most store bought wrapping paper rolls and what you actually use, you will see the sheets come out on top!

Our wrapping paper sheets are 20x29, printed on thick high quality paper. They don't rip, tear or crease when you use them. This type of gift wrap requires no cutting and quality is far superior than traditional rolls. Each sheet can cover around 2 medium size boxes or 3 small. I end up using less waste when the sheets are precut for me. The paper stays in place, when folded and doesn't tear easily. The thick paper hides your gifts underneath. No peeking!! Also, sheets that are folded flat are much easier to store than long cylinders.

Wrapping paper rolls from the store may seem like a better choice budget wise, but how much do your use the entire roll? Unless you have large gifts to wrap, rolls can sometimes end up being a waste of money. I've done this many times and I have several rolls sitting in my closet. The pattern is just not as desirable as when I first bought it. (probably a few years ago)  When I've used rolls, most of the time, the paper tears when I cut it. So I end up using more paper. The paper can be see through, which means you end up doubling up. When I use my sheets, I have little waste and I end up using all of it. Saves up space in my closet!! 

Wether it's rolls or sheets, it's really up to preference. The best wrapping paper always brings a smile to your face, and your gift recipient’s face, too. 


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